Our Solutions

We provide context aware IOT solutions from our secured real time monitoring wearable gadgets to individuals, Smart Homes & Offices, Smart cities and Community. Our solutions enables various customers to monitor the inhaled air quality on their Smart Phones and get the secured personalized environment for their comfort and health. The Smart Buildings can conserve energy with auto triggering of IOT solutions from our product. The bigger population will have easy access to visualize the quality of air that they are inhaling from their respective locations and time. In general, the control authorities or public get an access to the data streaming about air quality now, past and predict the future for any location and time. Our solutions are auto triggered to provide personalized air at any location and time.

Personal Air Monitoring

Our Solution is around the health and comfort of individuals. A patient suffering from respiratory illness, a child on the cradle with conducive environment, a Geriatric with breathing difficult who needs aids and an individual sensitive to air around oneself benefit from this solution.

The users have the access to set the required environment parameters through smart phones. The monitoring process, predicts the environment and alerts the users with advisories on the Smart phones. As a risk mitigation, our IOT solutions get triggered automatically.

Individuals can rely on our solutions to know if it is the right time to go out for a run, or take their newborn baby to park, or if the AC or humidifier is set to provide comfort for their elderly parents. Patients with respiratory illness can use PAQS's MySmartInhaler with a suit of PAQS products to get timely alerts on their dosage, to know their medicine usage pattern / history, or generate a detailed usage report to be shared with their physician.

For individuals we offer:

  • PAQS My Smart Inhaler
  • Personal Environment Monitors
  • Smartphone Applications
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions


Community Solutions

Real Time and Dynamic Pollution mapping solution (RTDPM) uses secured crowd-sourced gathered using PAQS products to generate real time pollution level mapping in any locality. Various cross section of the society from civic bodies, regulatory organizations, energy & conservation agencies to public benefit with the data streaming of air quality based on the standard AQI guidelines.

Community solutions from PAQS are unique in the industry. Offerings in this vertical are not just for individuals who care about their community health. Solid state devics from PAQS are tailor made to suit various cross-section of the society.

For example, facility management teams can use these products and leverage our data analytics to design smart buildings that are energy efficient, contributes to reducing carbon footprint, and closely monitor their environments to provide comfort and safe living standards.

Civic bodies and regulatory organizations can use our predictive advisories to design efficient traffic signal corridors, generate public awareness about pollution levels. The RTDP solution along with our cloud platform can also help planning authorities in designing Smart cities.

  • My Air
  • Track Air
  • Smartphone Applications


To enable social participation and knowledge sharing we offer our online community portal. The online community portal www.myairmyhealth.com is available for all our users to share information, to interact with industry experts, and to learn more about Air Quality Index.


Smart Solutions

PAQS offer secured collaborative platform not only for integrating 3rd party data and IOT solutions, but also enabling a development environment for providers to create applications and IOT solutions on our cloud based data. Media & publishers can subscribe to our streaming services.

PAQS platform provides APIs to receive and send data from all air monitoring devices (PAQS and third-party) to produce precise and meaningful alerts, advocacies, and health reports. Embedded security in this platform manages the confidentiality of data to subscribed users only. Additionally, we offer APIs to business users and developers who can build their own applications and IoT enabled solutions on top of our data on our cloud platform. Media houses and publishers can subscribe to our streaming services for further distribution.

  • APIs for Business and Developers
  • Streaming Media Services
  • Smartphone Applications

Unique Features

Our products and solutions were developed around some of the following unique features.

Precise Analytics

PAQS Air Engine uses complex and patent algorithms to parse data crowd sourced from air monitoring devices to provide timely alerts and notifications.


Our cloud platform housing the PAQS Air Engine provides REST APIs to developers.


Smartphone apps from PAQS provide built in options to query for reports.

PAQS in Media ...

PAQS is a very young company and in a short time we have received some highly credible industry recognitions and have been invited to present at both national and international conventions.


Rotary Award


The Indus Entrepreneurs, India.

Enterprising Start-Up Award

Bangalore India Bio 2015

Allseen Alliance

SME National Award for Excellence

Start-up Award - IoT Congress

The Urban Vision Award

Startup Karnataka, Top 25 Tech Awards

Startup Karnataka, Top 25 Tech Awards


Member of CII, India.

Real Time Polluation Mapping

December 2017- CIO Outlook

Bangalore India Bio

January 2015

Japan IT Week

May 2015

About Us

Personal Air Quality Systems Private Limited (PAQS) is a technocrat startup, a certified ESDM company which provides a bouquet of solutions (bio-medical & diagnostic devices*) that capture real time environment data and provides personalised analytics around ‘inhaled air’ that enables healthy living.

Technology is a great enabler today and makes inclusive progress a reality. We are passionate about using technology to bring about an inclusive change for healthy living. We leveraged the power of modern technology to provide Real Time Dynamic Pollution Mapping using our patented PAQS Engine and smartphone apps. PAQS focuses on providing solutions for:

  • Personal Environments
  • Community Solutions (for Smart Buildings and Smart Cities)
  • Smart Solutions (for Business and Media publishes and Developers)


PAQS creates innovative technology solutions that enhance an individual’s health and comfort


Understanding Air Quality and its Impact

It is known that Ambient air quality impacts one’s health. The pictorial representation in the adjacent box summarizes, the perception of:

  1. Data Collection responsibility – Expectation is that it is a Government job
  2. Health impact – it increases with Citizens impacted to maximum extent, with Children, patients & senior citizens worst affected

Our Logo

Our logo embodifies our mission and our vision.

Our Team

Dr. Ragoth Sundararajan

R&D Domain Analytics

Ph.D – Atmospheric Sciences (Uppsala University,Sweden),M.S- Aerospace(IISc),MIT (Atmospheric Modelling),USA, multiple Startups in USA & India

Natraj Gujran

Management Team Member

MS (Software Engineering) from Carnegie Mellon, technocrat with over 2 decades of experience handles Software Architecture, Development & Security


Products Engineering

B.E Electronics,3 Decades of R & D experience in TV & Other Electronic hardware

Meena Badami

Co-Founder & Operations Director

Program management professional with an eye for detail to cross the t’s and dot the i’s, with past experience in Juniper, Netapp, Novell.

Air Quality in Bangalore


Think about it...

Here are some facts that represent our mission and our team.

Million Americans suffering from respiratory illness
Million Indians suffering from respiratory illness
Liters of air required per hour for normal breathing as compared to 3-4 liters of water per day.
Years of collective experience (PAQS team)
Patents filed by the PAQS team.

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Please write to us for more informaiton and updates on our solutions and products.

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A 308, 2nd Floor, Block II, KSSIDC Building
Electronics City, Bangalore 560100. INDIA
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