You are what you breathe
Control the impact of air
pollution on your life
IoT-based air quality solutions
for a healthier environment

Smart Cities

PAQS Solution for Smart Cities is invaluable to Smart City planners in their task to make the city an environment-friendly, livable city.

Smart Buildings

To achieve their profitability goals, traditionally management has focused on reducing energy costs through automation, energy-efficient buildings, and so on; now the focus is increasingly providing a more healthy environment/air to each employee, to improve employee health, morale, and productivity.  PAQS comprehensive Smart building solutions provide some quick and easy answers.


The air we are most concerned about is the air that we breathe. The quality of air surrounding us. And it becomes imperative to monitor and control what we and our loved ones breathe, especially if they are sensitive to pollutants – an asthmatic child or parent. This knowledge is the beginning of our solution that gives every individual the power to manage their personal environment.

Baby Care

Babies are especially vulnerable to air pollution and the damage to their growth, both physical and cognitive, can be long lasting, even permanent. Our specific solution aimed at baby health, helps concerned parents to safely nurture their babies through this crucial phase.

About us

Personal Air Quality Systems Pvt Ltd – PAQS, is an ESDM company providing end-to-end, real-time, and actionable solutions to enable healthy living for every individual, community, and city.

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