Baby Care

Are you aware of the invisible killer in your baby’s room?

Babies are especially vulnerable to air pollution and the damage to their growth, both physical and cognitive, can be long lasting, even permanent. Our specific solution aimed at baby health, helps concerned parents to safely nurture their babies through this crucial phase.

Digital Babysitter
Our comprehensive solution monitors the quality of air which your baby is inhaling, on a real-time basis and provides mobile alerts and advisories. You can either intervene manually or allow our integrated solution to enable a safer environment through smart home devices.

Be one step ahead, be a smart parent!

Some of the common indoor air pollutants which can alter the baby’s Health:

PAQS has got the solution through which the mother gets the data as to what the type of Environment that the child is exposed to. It is quintessential  to monitor air quality around baby’s Environment. She can either manually intervened or through PAQS fully automized solution.

The Environment is enabled through communicating with the smart home devices such as Alexa or Google home.

Health impact

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